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Maximization Ltd was founded in 2003. Supported by Italian machinery from reputed Torielli brand, Maximization supplied some projects for export oriented shoe factories in Bangladesh. Later Asiaped Pacific Co joined with Maximization as partner to support partial machinery from China and Taiwan. Till now Maximization supplied more that 70 export oriented shoe factory and 12 leather goods factory locally. After that Maximization became selling partner of Pfaff, Germany, Atom, Italy and Cerim Italy. Besides it sells injection molding machinery from reputed Taiwanese brand name Lien Fa.


Maximization is planning to fabricate and assemble some shoe making machinery aided by Chinese partners soon. Cutting, skiving, stamping, hot air blower, brushing, polishing, logo stamping machine will be made in local factory here. In that way, the upcoming shoe factories can source machinery from local without longer lead time. Also local technical support will be stronger day by day from Maximization.


Maximization Ltd has a vision to supply most modern and user friendly machinery for shoe making factories here. Accepting manpower and energy shortage problems in upcoming year, Maximization already selects power saving machinery to run in factories. Also most modern computerized machine are aimed to reduce manpower at this sector. It has plan to support with testing equipment, 2D/3D design supported machinery to supply in shoe factories


The shoe-making industry is by no means a simple production process. Although a labour intensive project, customers need the guarantee that the technical aspects of the production will remain dependable and functional. We supply machinery which gives high quality output but is also familiar and easy to use for the workers at the factories.  We at Maximization ltd believe in the idea of knowledge sharing. This is why we teach operators within the factory day-to-day maintenance and troubleshooting. We also introduce new technologies to the production and educate the operators on spare parts. Apart from all that, Maximization uniquely insures that there is direct contact and familiarity between supplier and customer, to reduce the dependency on third parties. Whether it comes to quality, lifespan, technical support or reliability, there is only one name cemented in the export-oriented shoe factory industry in Bangladesh- Maximization Ltd.